While many people think only of the clean, treated water we discharge, AlexRenew’s wastewater treatment processes produce another equally important product: biosolids.

What are biosolids?

Biosolids are a safe, beneficial and a nutrient-rich agricultural product – especially rich in nitrogen and phosphorus. This organic matter is the result of wastewater treatment and the solids we remove and treat through pasteurization and anaerobic digestion. These processes eliminate harmful pathogens and minimize odors. Not only does anaerobic digestion produce biosolids, it also produces energy in the form of methane gas.

Just like the clean water we produce, biosolids are regulated by the Commonwealth of Virginia. Thanks to our award winning management system, AlexRenew’s biosolids are Class A Exceptional Quality biosolids – the highest level possible.

A local and renewable resource

Through our treatment process, we create an environmentally-friendly product that’s nutrient-rich and more eco-friendly than chemical fertilizers. Biosolids add organic matter to enrich depleted soils and fibrous matter to improve the soil's ability to hold water.

We provide 6,000 tons, (the equivalent of the weight of 3000 cars) of nutrient-rich byproducts from our water cleaning process to farms in 15 counties in Virginia as an inexpensive and safe alternative to chemical fertilizers. Our biosolids are pasteurized and pathogen-free so they are pure and safe when they are spread in the fields. 

Transforming a waste product into a valuable benefit the environment is a win-win for our community, our city and our waterways.