Water Discovery Day 2020: A Virtual Week of Water Activities

August 3, 2020

AlexRenew's Fourth Annual Water Discovery Day events will be virtual this year, but that doesn't mean they won't be as fun. In fact, we’ve planned an entire week of activities to help us celebrate! Join the One Water Alexandria team – the City of Alexandria, Virginia American Water and AlexRenew – Sunday, September 6 through Saturday, September 12, as we go online and slip behind the scenes of our water cycle.

Log on with Alexandria’s water services and community partners to participate in daily activities and learn more about your water cycle! Each day, one of our event partners will post a special activity video on our Facebook page, including our artist-in-residence, Sto Len. We’ll be hosting some really creative activities that will be both fun and educational, so be sure to register early.

"Water impacts virtually everything we do, yet it's all too easy to take it for granted. Water Discovery Day brings water's value to life for people of all ages through a number of hands-on activities, giving attendees a better understanding of their role in preserving our local waterways." – AlexRenew CEO Karen Pallansch

Check out the full Water Discovery Day schedule below, and click here to register. Be sure to follow the Eventbrite page instructions to register.

Water Discovery Day 2020 activities will include:

Sunday, September 6
Begin your water journey and learn about our local waterways with a self-guided bike tour!

Monday, September 7
The City of Alexandria will be showcasing their Nature’s Water Filter Activity, learn how nature naturally drains water on different surfaces.

Tuesday, September 8
AlexRenew will be showcasing how to create your own water pump station at home and how gravity aids in helping wastewater receive treatment.

Wednesday, September 9
Virginia American Water will be teaching you about our Water Cycle, how it works and how to make a bracelet that represents the water cycle!

Thursday, September 10
Meet some of our partners and learn about the importance of keeping our local waterways clean and safe.

Friday, September 11
Meet Sto Len, Alexandria’s Artist in Residence! Join Sto in a virtual art experience to help you connect with water while indulging your creative side. Please note that that this is an add-on item. If you are interested in participating add this on when you place your ticket order.

Saturday, September 12
Today is a day of action! Support the health of the lovely Potomac and our local waterways by participating in the Potomac River Keeper’s community clean-up! Choose to attend their kayak river clean-up or help to clean up your neighborhood!

Bags with materials for the activities will be distributed to those who register through the Eventbrite page. All virtual activities will be posted on Facebook with a link to an event page.

Click here to register for AlexRenew's 2020 Virtual Water Discovery Days.