Learn more about Alexandria's Sewer System

Area where outdated sewer system is located. The dotted lines indicate where mixtures of rain water and sewage flows into waterways.

In older parts of Alexandria, wastewater flows into a sewer system that was constructed in the late 1800s. Called a combined sewer system or CSO, it was designed to collect both rainwater from roads and sewage from homes and businesses in the same pipe. During some rainstorms, too much rainwater can overwhelm the pipe, causing the excess mixture of rainwater and sewage to flow into Alexandria’s waterways. These flows carry pollutants which have a negative impact on the health of local rivers and streams.  AlexRenew is leading a significant upgrade program to fix this problem by 2025. This wet weather upgrade program will enable this sewer system to capture and treat the combination of rainwater and sewage before it overflows into Alexandria’s waterways. 

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In partnering with the City of Alexandria, AlexRenew and its Water Resource Recovery Facility will be integral to the program’s success. Having AlexRenew as a singular manager of the program will simplify the permitting processes and create a more efficient work flow thanks to the experience AlexRenew employees have working on projects like this one. 

AlexRenew’s Board of Directors and employees look forward to our continued collaboration with City partners as we implement this historic and environmentally significant program.

AlexRenew has officially launched a new website, where community members can learn more about the program and keep track of our progress.