AlexRenew celebrates 60 years of transforming the community’s dirty water. That is 60 years of operating 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year to protect public health and ensure that our community’s streams, rivers, and bays improve for future generations. Let’s take a look back at the early days of AlexRenew, originally Alexandria Sanitation Authority.

As a Lab Technician at AlexRenew, Angie Gordon helps to ensure that the water we transform is clean and safe. She has a passion for science that she is passing along to her grandkids and is proud of the work AlexRenew does to protect the environment for future generations.  

Most people don’t give a second thought as to where their water goes when they’re done with it. That’s because there is a team of professionals working every hour of every day to make sure the community’s wastewater service is uninterrupted.

Since last October, Erica Ware has attended high school and worked at AlexRenew. Erica is an Urban Alliance intern and is part of a program that helps prepare students for professional environments and future careers through formal training and mentoring with our team.

The Commonwealth of Virginia and the City of Alexandria issued a proclamation declaring June 30 Drinking Water and Wastewater Professionals Appreciation Day.  I’m incredibly proud to work with dedicated professionals who provide a critical public service, no matter the day or hour. I hope next time you turn your faucet or send water down the drain, you’ll stop and think of the team of workers who make it possible.