Virginia has about 49,000 miles of streams and rivers. That means, no matter where you live, a waterway isn’t far away. If you are looking for a way to show Alexandria’s waterways some love this year, here's six ways to help.

At AlexRenew, numbers tell a story about water, and it’s our laboratory team who write that story. Lab data tells us how well we are cleaning wastewater and whether we need to adjust our process. Meet Aster Tekle who is responsible for interpreting and double-checking the numbers’ story.

Transforming water takes two — that is two maintenance teams. AlexRenew’s electricians and mechanics are teamed up to maintain the equipment that enables AlexRenew to transform water. Meet team leads Larry Cable and Darel Stevens, and find out how the transition to two teams in one centralized shop is opening up new skillsets for all of AlexRenew’s maintenance crew.

Transforming dirty water takes quite a bit of work – and energy for that matter.  In addition to making sure we clean water to exceptionally high standards, we also work hard to be as energy efficient as possible with our buildings and operations. This is incredibly important because water and wastewater utilities, like AlexRenew, are significant energy users.

It’s fairly common for people not to finish a prescription or over-the-counter medication before it expires. You may not want it taking up space in your medicine cabinet where someone else could get into it. But getting rid of medication needs to be done properly to avoid any harm to others and the environment. So how do you get rid of unused medications?