Katharine Dixon was all smiles as she accepted the 2017 Ellen Pickering Environmental Excellence Award at Alexandria Earth Day. The award was well-deserved for Dixon’s leadership of Rebuilding Together Alexandria — an organization that is helping to revitalize our community one project at a time.

There is one role at AlexRenew that works behind-the-scenes to support our entire team and keep our office organized. AlexRenew’s administrative assistants take on tasks large and small. They greet customers, manage schedules, track data, and offer help wherever it’s needed.

If you’ve ever had an old car, you probably know how difficult it is to find new parts that are compatible. Not only is some of AlexRenew’s infrastructure aging, it’s also specialized for cleaning dirty water. That can make repairs and replacements challenging, but our Planner / Schedulers are always up to the task. 

Operating a facility that transforms dirty water into clean water and reusable resources is no easy task. For the operators who oversee this process, it takes at least five years to earn the highest level state license. Fortunately at AlexRenew, our apprentices are learning from the best: tenured operators, some with 20 to 30 years of experience. 

AlexRenew releases clean water to Hunting Creek — a tributary of the Potomac River — and partners with George Mason University to monitor the health of the creek. This study helps AlexRenew understand the watershed we serve.