Nuestro equipo directivo

AlexRenew cuenta con un equipo exclusivo de expertos e innovadores que aportan la experiencia, el compromiso, la transparencia y los conocimientos medioambientales durante todas las etapas de las operaciones.

Como Alexandria es la ciudad donde trabajamos, vivimos y jugamos, siempre queremos lo mejor para nuestra comunidad.

Conozca a nuestro equipo directivo:

Karen Pallansch, CEO

En la actualidad, Karen se desempeña como directora ejecutiva de Alexandria Renew Enterprises (anteriormente, la Autoridad de Saneamiento de Alexandria), una de las plantas de recuperación de agua más avanzadas de los Estados Unidos. Como directora ejecutiva, tiene a su cargo la conducción de un equipo de más de 100 empleados en un campus de 33 acres, donde se renuevan 13 000 millones de galones de aguas residuales al año. Ocupa este cargo desde octubre de 2005 y ha trabajado en AlexRenew durante más de 20 años.

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Conozca al resto del equipo

Liliana Maldonado joined AlexRenew in November 2017 as the director of RiverRenew, a clean water program that mitigates potential sanitary sewer overflows from wet weather events and addresses combined sewer overflows from the City of Alexandria’s combined collection system. As Chief of Engineering and Planning, she is responsible for the overall implementation of all design and construction projects, including RiverRenew. She wants the Alexandria community to know that she is proud to lend her expertise to this program in order to achieve healthier waterways for all of Alexandria.

Lisa is responsible for communications, customer service, and community outreach and education. She started at AlexRenew in November 2014. She was previously assistant vice president of communications at the University of Richmond, and started the communications department at CarMax, Inc. She wants the Alexandria community to know that one of the key components of AlexRenew’s vision is to enable citizens to swim in and eat fish from local streams.

Aster is responsible for quality system and assurance practices and maintains VELAP Chapter 45 certification. She evaluates laboratory analytical data and reports for validity, correctness and acceptance criteria according to standard operating procedures, as well as applicable local, state and federal regulations, including National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit requirements. Aster started at AlexRenew in March 2012 after serving as a quality assurance officer at Xenco Laboratories Environmental Analysis Services, where she processed and completed the laboratory’s National Environmental Laboratory Conference (NELAC) certification. Aster wants the Alexandria community to know that 24/7, 365 days a year, AlexRenew protects drinking water, aquatic life, and recreational uses of waterways. She’s proud of AlexRenew’s efforts to minimize air emissions and reduce other impacts resulting from energy and chemical use.

Hans is directly responsible for the customer service and billing team. He started with AlexRenew in February 2015, bringing over 15 years of customer service management experience. He has previously served as Assistant Director of Customer Service and Quality Assurance for a privately-held online advertising company, and as the Director of a Customer Service Contact Center for the publicly traded company owning and Hans wants the Alexandria community to know that AlexRenew is an engaged and innovative partner, with the shared goal of protecting our local waterways and environment.

Steve is responsible for maintenance repairs and replacements of all building and process equipment. Steve started at AlexRenew in March 1989, and previously held positions of Control Systems Supervisor and Maintenance Supervisor. Steve wants the Alexandria community to know that AlexRenew is committed to the Board’s vision of operational excellence, reducing our carbon footprint, and being an environmental steward in the community.

Wendy is responsible for maximizing the strategic use of human resources and has operational oversight of benefits, compensation and recruitment. Wendy began her career with AlexRenew in September 2011 after previous Human Resources Manager positions at Therma-Tru Doors and Simmons Manufacturing.  Wendy wants the Alexandria community to know that AlexRenew has an experienced, competent workforce, focused on providing great service to you and your family.

Lorna came to AlexRenew in July 2011, after 10 years at Capital Group Companies in both the marketing and investment areas of the firm. She wants the Alexandria community to know that AlexRenew is committed to engaging the community and being good neighbors to our residents.