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Pollutants can interfere with the treatment plant’s operation, harm the aquatic life of the receiving waters, disrupt the reuse of biosolids, or adversely affect worker health and safety. We evaluate the wastewater of new and existing facilities through surveys and/or issuing wastewater discharge permits, monitoring permitted industries by regularly sampling wastewater discharge, and conducting facility inspections.



Alexandria City Code, Title V, Chapter VI, Article B, Division 3.1, implements AlexRenew’s Industrial Pretreatment Program mandated by the Clean Water Act’s regulations 40 CFR 122, 123, 124, and 403 and chapter I, subchapter N.  This Ordinance provides specific limitations on discharges and for enforcement actions. Section 5-6-113 of this Ordinance, allows AlexRenew to establish, by regulation, maximum mass or concentration discharge limits for any pollutant that threatens the public health, presents an endangerment to the environment, interferes with the operation of the POTW or causes the authority to be in violation of its NPDES permit or any state permit issues to regulate the treatment of wastewater or the treatment or application of sludge.  To remain in compliance with all state and federal regulations, AlexRenew has adopted its own Local Limit Standards. At no time shall the water discharged to the sanitary sewer from a commercial or industrial facility exceed the limits presented in Table 1 (See Local Limits Standards - Table 1 below). 

These limits shall be determined at the point where the user’s wastewater is discharged to the collection system, except where AlexRenew determines that a limit may be applied at the end of a process.  All concentrations for metallic substances are for total metals unless otherwise indicated.  Compliance with all parameters may be determined from a single grab sample.  
Section 5-6-114 states that no user shall increase the use of process water, or in any way dilute a discharge, in order to achieve compliance with a discharge limit, unless expressly authorized by an applicable pre-treatment standard or requirement.  
Any exceedance of these Local Limits is a direct violation of these Standards.


Significant Industrial Users (SIU) Permit

  • Wastewater discharge generally greater than 25,000 gallons per day (GPD) or
  • Federally required industry (categorical industry)

General Permit

  • Groundwater remediation

Letter of Approval

  • One time discharges or for discharges of limited duration


Fee Schedule

A permit includes pretreatment requirements, discharge limits, and special conditions for Significant Industrial User or Categorical sites. The fee covers Alexandria Renew Enterprises’ costs in administering the permit. Permits are issued for up to five years.

  • Permit Application: $100.00
  • Permit Fees:
    • Significant Industrial User: $1,500.00 per year
    • Non-significant Industrial User: $500.00 per year
  • Permit Revision: $100.00

Letters of Approval are issued for one time discharges or for discharges of limited duration.

  • Letter of Approval: $100.00

A sewer use charged will be assessed per the Alexandria Renew Enterprises approved Rules, Rates and Regulations.  The current rate is $7.63 per one-thousand gallons. All dischargers are responsible for metering the discharge and for reporting the monthly volume to AlexRenew by the 10th day of the following month in which discharges occurred.  Certification records of the meter are required monthly and should be mailed to the attention of the PreTreatment Coordinator.

Local Limit Standards (Table 1)

Parameter Daily Maximum (mg/L)
Arsenic 0.40
Cadmium 0.60
Chromium 5.30
Copper 2.00
Cyanide 0.90
Lead 1.00
Mercury 0.002
Molybdenum 2.70
Nickel 2.00
Silver 1.20
Zinc 4.70
Oil and Grease 100.00
TTO (BTEX) 1.00
pH <6.0 or >ll.0 S.U.


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Before discharging any industrial waste to the sewer (waste from toilets is not included), a business must contact Alexandria Renew Enterprises to obtain the proper authorization. Please call (703) 549-3381 ext. 2020.

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